A presentational portfolio focused on my work, projects and reflections
throughout my bachelor in digital media and design.
Here will be creativity, media and games.

  • Away with you papers!

      We survived, but we’re dead! And thus all the written exams were over. [insert dramatic music here] One could say the difficulty level has been increased since the 1st semester. Both in terms of actual academic contents and participatory requirements, but most noticeable in the amount of exams we have this year. Last semester …

  • Understanding the meaning of filth

    Hatventures – A Minecraft community In Digital media culture I wrote a paper about Minecraft. Not as much the actual game, but rather about one of the many communites surrounding it. The focus fell on the fan-community called Hatventures, which has formed around the youtubers Hatfilms. The three British ‘Sirs’ started out their lets plays …

  • An exploration of Star Wars

      For Crossmedia we wrote a collaborative paper about the Star Wars franchise. We set out to explore how the younger generations got drawn into the universe. As there are many different products in the franchise, we choose to focus on the LEGO Star Wars games. Through a quantitative questionnaire we asked children about their media habits and …

  • The challenge of the projector

    . . Welcome to ITU …Here we do IT! Which apparently doesn’t involve being capable of turning on a projector …. The more you know.