Writing out of order – How I won Camp Nanowrimo

campnanowrimo winner

I did the thing and it feels awesome!

I just won my first camp Nanowrimo and now the first 25k words of my book have been written. I’m filled with a sense of accomplishment and joy : D
It’s been a really nice experience. I’ve won nanowrimo in the past, but being able to set my own word goal was very freeing.

I want to talk a bit about my approach for this April’s camp. Talk about what enabled me to push on and reach my goal. Continue reading

2 months of Malta

Blue lagoon of Comino

As of now we have been in Malta for two months and I felt it was only appropriate to write something about my experience in this small Mediterranean country. Especially seeing as we’ve less than 2 weeks left of our stay here.

Being curious travellers we have of course done our best to see all the sights, but in the end we’ve seen so much more. Because we’ve stayed here for so long we’ve been able to catch a glimpse of Maltese life. Continue reading

Flash fiction: Misunderstood

A cat on the terrace of a roadside restaurant near the ferry point of Valletta. Photo: Anita Simonsen
It’s time for another flash fiction : D
The above picture was shot just by the shore of Valletta, where the ferry comes in. The cat was sitting under the table of a roadside restaurant, watching the people walking to and from Valletta.
Today’s story is about this cat. Continue reading

Flash fiction: The ladder

A waterhole with a rusty ladder inside on the beach surrounding Sliema. Photo: Anita Simonsen
Here’s another flash fiction based of a photo taken while exploring Malta.
The above photo was taken on the same beach as the photo from my flash fiction ‘Bridging the Gap’. The beach is all rock and water, and was practically riddled with holes and channels. However, in one of these water holes were a rusty, old ladder partially surrounded by pebbles and rocks. I found it to be almost magical.
This may or may not have influenced today’s story. Continue reading

Short story: The girl who wanted to fly – Chapter 3 [Final]

And here it is, the last chapter of my short story The girl who wanted to fly from my short story collection The effect of gravity.
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it so far and if you’re new to the story you can find the first chapter here.
This story was written during Nanowrimo 2015.
This post only contains an excerpt, but you can read the rest on Wattpad. The link is below.
Last time Aira’s quest ended in a dark alley, continue reading below to find out if she’ll be okay and whether she’ll continue onwards to obtain flight! Continue reading