Anita Simonsen


I am a Danish writer, who has always loved stories.
To me writing is about seeing the world and seeing the stories we encounter every day.
Writing is a reminder than you don't need to pass through a portal or have magical powers for your life to be an adventure.

It can be difficult to remember to see the beautiful things in life, to maintain a sense of wonder, and personally I believe books are a way to keep this ability alive. Even if the story is sad or if terrible things happen within it, then still seeing and experiencing things from somebody else’s point of view can help you see things in your own life from a different angle or perspective; reading can help you to appreciate things anew.

That is what I want to do in my writing.
To remind readers to see the wonders in life. No pressure, right?

I live in Copenhagen with my fiancé and my cat Lucy. Both instrumental helpers in my creative process in widely different ways. One invaluable to spotting plot holes, the other incomparably gifted at cuddling; you guess who’s who :P

These past few years I have spent obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in English and am still working towards getting a Master of arts in English as well.
This has paused my writing somewhat, having had both less time and energy to be creative, but I long for that special joy and challenge writing possesses and I can no longer stem the urge to write and craft stories!

It is my hope and my dream to one day be able to make a living telling stories.

Writing passions

  • Fantasy
  • New Adult
  • Flash fiction
  • Character-driven
  • Sci-fi
  • Queer



Two flash fictions, namely "The Ladder" and "Whispers of Cabbage"
in Antologi 2017/2018 published by the student union Creative Writing KUA (2018),
ISBN: 9788771436495

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