A presentational portfolio focused on my work, projects and reflections
throughout my bachelor in digital media and design.
Here will be creativity, media and games.

  • Vengeance of the Balloons

    Overcoming a fear of Balloons Recently it came to my attention that a dear friend of mine had a more or less irrational fear of balloons. Unfortunately, yet hilariously, this fear was discovered as we were in the process of throwing inflated balloons at him as he entered the door to his birthday party. Normally …

  • StoryTalks 2014

    A day of Story Today history was made A very tiny bite of history that is. Because you see today the first StoryTalks event was held in Denmark. StoryTalks is a one-day seminar focused around Digital storytelling, which includes a variety of ways to convey stories. Such as video games or interactive narrative stories in …

  • P1: Affecting player behaviour through visual design

    The first project of Medialogy As a step in completing the first semester of my bachelor in Medialogy I did a group project. It is so for all educations at Aalborg University that you for each semester make a project in a group of 7 people. For this semester it took up 10 ETCs points, …

  • Exile gamejam 2013

    A weekend of Game Creation I went to Exile Gamejam at Vallekilde HĂžjskole on a scholarship provided by PlayIT from ITU. Here I made the game ‘Save the Tea’ with my teammates: Marco and Niklas. You can view the at this site under Games.