How I plot – What I did after Camp Nanowrimo


After Camp Nanowrimo
In June I’ve worked on continuing my novel from when I wrote the first 25.000 words back in April for Camp Nanowrimo.

As some of you might recall, my approach for camp was to first write the scenes I found to be the most important ones for furthering the plot. Before I had always written chronologically.
You can read more about how I wrote ‘out of order’ in the blog post here.

Doing so worked really well for me! Continue reading

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2 months of Malta

Blue lagoon of Comino

As of now we have been in Malta for two months and I felt it was only appropriate to write something about my experience in this small Mediterranean country. Especially seeing as we’ve less than 2 weeks left of our stay here.

Being curious travellers we have of course done our best to see all the sights, but in the end we’ve seen so much more. Because we’ve stayed here for so long we’ve been able to catch a glimpse of Maltese life. Continue reading

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Camp Nanowrimo – 5 tips for having a great camp & get stuff done!

First a little introduction in case you haven’t heard of Camp Nanowrimo before. It is an online ‘summer camp’-like event for writers, which encourages your to accomplish a project of your own choosing within either the month of April or July.
You could write a novel, edit one, accomplish a script or even draw and write a graphic novel. Continue reading

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