How I plot – What I did after Camp Nanowrimo


After Camp Nanowrimo
In June I’ve worked on continuing my novel from when I wrote the first 25.000 words back in April for Camp Nanowrimo.

As some of you might recall, my approach for camp was to first write the scenes I found to be the most important ones for furthering the plot. Before I had always written chronologically.
You can read more about how I wrote ‘out of order’ in the blog post here.

Doing so worked really well for me! Continue reading

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Writing out of order – How I won Camp Nanowrimo

campnanowrimo winner

I did the thing and it feels awesome!

I just won my first camp Nanowrimo and now the first 25k words of my book have been written. I’m filled with a sense of accomplishment and joy : D
It’s been a really nice experience. I’ve won nanowrimo in the past, but being able to set my own word goal was very freeing.

I want to talk a bit about my approach for this April’s camp. Talk about what enabled me to push on and reach my goal. Continue reading

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Camp Nanowrimo – 5 tips for having a great camp & get stuff done!

First a little introduction in case you haven’t heard of Camp Nanowrimo before. It is an online ‘summer camp’-like event for writers, which encourages your to accomplish a project of your own choosing within either the month of April or July.
You could write a novel, edit one, accomplish a script or even draw and write a graphic novel. Continue reading

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