Malta: Flying Jesus in Il-Birgu

We were fortunate enough to stay in Malta during Easter.
Malta being a very catholic country made this a truly unique experience in more ways than one.
It is typical for catholic countries to have religious processions during important holidays. In these processions people will sometimes dress up as perhaps roman soldiers, if the procession takes place in the beginning of Easter, but the central aspect of most processions is the carrying of religious symbols and figurines.
However, the Maltese people have taken it a step further! Continue reading

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2 months of Malta

Blue lagoon of Comino

As of now we have been in Malta for two months and I felt it was only appropriate to write something about my experience in this small Mediterranean country. Especially seeing as we’ve less than 2 weeks left of our stay here.

Being curious travellers we have of course done our best to see all the sights, but in the end we’ve seen so much more. Because we’ve stayed here for so long we’ve been able to catch a glimpse of Maltese life. Continue reading

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3 pros and cons about staying in Malta

Shore near Sliema, Malta

I’ve been in Malta for a week and my boyfriend and I will remain here until late April.
Being in a new country, even for just a short while, fills you with impressions as you explore and adjust to a new place.

Already it is clear that Malta is unique. Though I believe most places are, which is what makes travelling amazing.
Malta is a collection of small islands south of Italy. Currently the population is less than 500.000. Despite the relative small size, you can find more or less everything you would elsewhere, except that all is miniature.

This is my take on 3 great things about staying in Malta, and 3 less great things. Continue reading

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