About the Author

Who is Anita Simonsen?

I’m an aspiring author, who’s dreamed of writing books ever since I could hold a pen. This website is the beginning of the fulfilment of that dream!
On this blog I post written work like short stories and flash fiction, all for your enjoyment : D
I also blog about travelling, life as a writer and give writing tips.

It’s going to be a long journey, but I’m going to enjoy every step of it, and I hope you will too!

I mostly write in the genres Fantasy and Science Fiction, which are also the genres I consume most books in.

I’m based in Copenhagen, Denmark and am in fact Danish.
Despite this I primarily write in English and find this to be my preferred language when it comes to writing fiction.

.My other passion is photography, so expect to see a lot of photos of my travels and general exploration. Once I find a nice way to share them.

I love travelling and am currently staying in Malta and will remain for around 2½ months!
Later this year I’ll stay in New York for 2 months stay in New York.
So expect posts about my travels : D

Come connect with me! ^^
You can see what I’m up to on twitter and facebook.
Sometimes I post travel photos at Pinterest and other things.
If you’re more interested in books you can see what I’m currently reading and have read at Goodreads, as well as read my longer stories at Wattpad.