Quarterly Winter Writing Goals

After long times inactivity I’m back! : D
With visiting New York, starting my studies in English and writing on my book I haven’t had much time for this website. So I figured an appropriate reignition would be the announcement of my goals for the upcoming quarter!

I have been inspired by my fellow author Jenna Moreci, who makes videos about everything writing related including her own personal goal setting, to make my own list of goals for the next three months.
The way she does it, is to generate a list of personal or writing related goals for the upcoming quarter of the year. You ‘win’ the quarter by completing at least half of said goals. She holds herself accountable by announcing them publicly on her Youtube channel. She’s been at it for ten years, that’s ten years of writing productivity!
I thought this approach sounded pretty awesome and wanted to give it a try in order to prioritise my writing alongside my studies! Something I’ve lately been struggling with.

So without further ado, here’s my quarterly goals for November, December and January!

Quarterly Winter Writing Goals:

  1. Finish the 1st draft of my book
  2. Name my book
  3. Select flash fiction pictures from Malta
  4. Rough outline of the sequel
  5. Generate a list of betas
  6. Update twitter
  7. Make a blog/social media plan for next Quarter
  8. Nail my exams
  9. Make a list of people in my writing network
  10. Start the beta reader process of my book
  11. Make a plan for my website
  12. Create a tumblr for my writing
  13. Reach 5000 twitter followers
  14. Read ‘Structuring your Novel’ by K. M. Weiland.

The priorities of these goals being anything that involves my studies or my book.
However, my main reason for making this post in the first place is, that Jenna recommends public accountability. So lets cross our fingers I’ll ‘win’ because come either late Janurary or early February we’ll find out how well or how poorly I did! Ö

If you’re interested, check out Jenna Moreci’s newest quarterly goal related video:

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