How I plot – What I did after Camp Nanowrimo

After Camp Nanowrimo
In June I’ve worked on continuing my novel from when I wrote the first 25.000 words back in April for Camp Nanowrimo.

As some of you might recall, my approach for camp was to first write the scenes I found to be the most important ones for furthering the plot. Before I had always written chronologically.
You can read more about how I wrote ‘out of order’ in the blog post here.

Doing so worked really well for me! But it was also something I had never tried before and now I had a new challenge ahead of me: What now?
I had pieces and fragments of a pulsating story, but they didn’t connect, not yet. Before me was a puzzle of my own creation and I knew I was yet to have all the pieces.

How I plot
At the end of May I sat down to find out what scenes I had already written and what was missing between these in order to be become the coherent story I wanted to tell. In other words, I had a plot session : D
I doubt there’s anything revolutionising about how I plot, but it does involve a big surface and a lot of differently coloured pieces of paper.

Sorry about the blur, it is my plot and it is a secret after all : P
Above is just some of the layout I created.

There’s a reason for the colours, much like there’s a reason for most things in life. The light green ones are what I wrote in April, whereas the light blue ones are new scenes, the dark blue are new scenes but in a different point of view than my main character. The tiny pink is time related stuff and the tiny red signifies if a special character is present.

What can I say, I’m a visual person, who likes colours : D

In the end I carefully took every single piece of paper and glued it onto a piece of A3 paper in the right order (of course) and voilà I had what I needed to write!
Then I put it next to my desk so it was easily accessible, actually at a glance.

I decided to try and write ALL the new scenes during June …
And a month later I’m very happy to say that I almost succeeded : D
I managed to write all the scenes except the very last one, and out of my estimated goal of 25.000, I reached 19.094 words.
I’m a bit of a perfectionist and would have loved nothing less than to do EVERYTHING I set out to do, but life happens.
I’m still very, very happy and proud of myself for having accomplished as much as I have.

So now the first act (or so) of my book is complete!! : D
*confetti all around*

‘What now?’
you might ask.
If you follow me on twitter you might have seen that I’ll be doing Camp Nanowrimo AGAIN in July! Because why stop writing? C:
In reality I’m mostly continuing because I’ll start studying again in September, giving me way less time to do whatever I want.
Also in July I’ll be in New York, which is unusual as I live in Denmark and have never been outside of Europe. So how about that ~

What are your (writing) plans for the summer and how do you plot?

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3 thoughts on “How I plot – What I did after Camp Nanowrimo

  1. Plot? I’m not that structured, when I’m actually writing. More of a let my imagination go and see where it takes me kind of thing. Then, I do what I can to put the scenes in order, when I revise, and cover the whole thing with spackle, so it looks nice.

    The revising into order part actually looks a lot like your strips of paper, though.

    1. Hej Karen, thanks for commenting.
      It’s very interesting to see how writers’ approaches to writing differs. I feel our methods aren’t too different, at least aspects of it, like you say your revising look like my papery approach.
      I admire you can just write and see what happens. I always need to have a faint idea of what needs to happen in a scene first C:

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