Dixit writing challenge #4

Dixit writing challenge 4 pictures
I’ve done another Dixit stories writing challenge! : D
This so happens to be the first fictive thing I’ve written in almost a month (due to exams) and it felt great! ^^
As always the challenge was created by Bjørg Motzfeldt from Pipaluksbooks, where you can read the original post.

If you’re new, allow me to explain the workings of the challenge briefly.
Every odd week or so Bjørg picks 3 picture cards from the game Dixit, which you then have the option of writing stories based off on. Whether you do poems, write about the pictures separately or together is up to you C:
The only rule is to keep it below 500 words.

Hope you enjoy my take on the story of the pictures!

He had known for years, but never dared admit it to himself.
The boat doesn’t move.
Day after day he fished for news, for life, for a drink.
The boat can’t move.
A parrot and the eternal cycle of the sun his only companions.
The boat won’t move.
He felt his life ebb away like the tide did so many years ago.
The boat will never move.

Grey clouds above, yellow sands below and a beating heart in a boat.
He felt it.
Scattered among dried seaweed was shards of glass, planks of wood and the longing for the sea.
He needed it.

Grasping the railing tight, he felt the pulse of a will that had never died.
The parrot squeaked as legs sprouted beneath, feeling the heat of the sand.
The bow grew and coiled into a trunk, grabbing at the distant waves.
Wood made way for feathery fur as the mast extended into horns.
Eyes of gold pierced the old sailor’s soul as he stared down in disbelief on what had been his boat.

On wobbly legs at first the creature rose, but it moved and that was all that mattered.
He didn’t understand how, but he did understand that the sea was coming closer.
With a cheer they were off. The sailor, the parrot and the elephant boat.
Met by a watery embrace and kissed by the mist of the waves, they knew they were home.
They never looked back.

The boat moved.

I enjoyed this challenge, especially as a warm up to continue writing on other and bigger works. I’ll be looking forward to the next one : D
Remember everybody is welcome to join!

Disclaimer: All Dixit pictures by Bjørg Motzfeldt.

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