2 months of Malta

Blue lagoon of Comino

As of now we have been in Malta for two months and I felt it was only appropriate to write something about my experience in this small Mediterranean country. Especially seeing as we’ve less than 2 weeks left of our stay here.

Being curious travellers we have of course done our best to see all the sights, but in the end we’ve seen so much more. Because we’ve stayed here for so long we’ve been able to catch a glimpse of Maltese life.
Personally I’ve never stayed in another country for so long before, so it’s been quite an interesting experience filled with ups and downs. I’m happy to say there’s mostly been ups.

Best of what we’ve seen
Our favourite place and sight is undoubtedly Comino.
It is a small island between Malta and Gozo and currently only has 4 permanent residents. What makes the island so spectacular is its natural beauty! The island is rocky and filled with lagoons, caves, chasms and cliffs. It makes for a wonderful walk with breath-taking views and I’m happy to say we managed to walk the entirety of the island!
If you only have a day in Malta – Go to Comino!

Another of our favourites is of course Valletta.
It is Malta’s capital and a booming maze of culture. This charming city is partially surrounded by enormous outer walls dating back from when the knights of St. John founded the city.
The traditional building style is maintained and you can loose yourself in the small, twisting streets.
Our favourite spot is the Upper Barrakka gardens, but there’s lots more to see.

Hagar Qim Temple
Hagar Qim temple
Malta has a rich cultural heritage, but the aspect of it we found most inquiring was the one date from before B.C. Several temples can be found in the countryside, but we enjoyed the Hagar Qim and Mnajdra temples the most, which with their stunning view of the small islet of Filfla was out of this world.
Alongside the temples you cannot miss the Hypogeum. It’s an ancient, underground burial temple, which have been carved out of solid rock over a period of a 1000 years. It’s one of the most well-preserved insights into early life in the world. Absolutely magical.

What I’ll miss & what I won’t miss
I’ll miss the easily accessibility to Italian food and products such as morning biscuits, freshly cut ham and our favourite store-bought ice cream.
I’ll miss being so close to the sea and being able to see it, when I wake up. Somehow it’s much more endurable waiting for the bus, when you can do it to the sound of clashing waves.
I’ll also miss the mild weather as a steady 15-20 degrees are just perfect for me.

I won’t miss the almost constant presence of construction work. Being woken up before 7:00 by eager drilling is enough to make anybody grumpy. When it’s happened for more than two weeks in a row you slowly start to plan ‘accidents’.
I won’t miss commuting to the university, as the buses can be described as unreliable at their best. Ideally you need to leave a 10 minutes window before and after the actual arrival time.
It’s a more personal thing for where we’ve stayed, but I certainty won’t miss having to stuff a towel in-between the door and the floor in a futile effort to keep out the cigarette smoke from people smoking in the halls.

Writing on an island
My stay in Malta has given me time to explore my writing. I created this blog just before leaving and shortly after arriving started writing flash fiction for the first time. I came to really enjoy the genre and combining it with vacation photos of Malta proved to be a fountain of inspiration. Even though our stay here is almost over I’ll be continuing writing flash fiction based on the photos I took in Malta for the months to come .. because I’ve so, SO many more photos to use!

This is not something I’ve really mentioned before on this blog, but it was also in Malta I started reshaping an old concept into what could potentially amount to a full blown fantasy book. I won’t say much more for now, but as you might know I’m currently participating in Camp Nanowrimo and I am indeed using this event to flesh out the initial plots and first act of a book!
I’m very, very excited about this.

I’ve obtained a very healthy and productive writing routine in Malta, which I hope to continue, when I come home and for the time to come! : D

Grand habour of Valletta
The Grand harbour in Valletta
Our Maltese adventure 
All in all it’s been absolutely amazing to stay here and I’m very thankful for having had this opportunity. I think it’s made me more adaptable and resistant person, but perhaps travelling for a while does that to people. It’s given me a taste for everyday adventure and I’ll definitely be exploring more of my surroundings back home in Denmark.
I’ve really enjoyed it here, but at the same time I feel it’s time to go back.

I’ll surely miss Malta more than I won’t.

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2 thoughts on “2 months of Malta

  1. I just have to tell you that I am so envious of your visit to that wonderful place! This is something I’ve dreamed of; being able to write abroad next to the ocean, and you are living that dream!

    1. Aw, I hope you’ll have the opportunity to visit Malta some time yourself : D It is really nice!
      I must admit I haven’t actually written next to the ocean, unless you count writing from my sea-view hotel as writing next to the ocean : P

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