Dixit writing challenge #2

It’s time for another Dixit writing challenge : D
Above you can see this week’s images.
The challenge was created by Bjørg Motzfeldt from Pipaluksbooks, and every week she draws 3 images, or rather Dixti cards. You then have to write stories based on these images, though it is up to you to decided the word count (100-500) and how to go about it C:

Last week I managed to write a story with all images, which you can read here. To challenge myself, I decided that this week I would write a story for each image, but each story could only be 100 words long!

Here is the result : D

The secrets of time travel hid within the alien tome.
It had taken her years to decipher it and many more to built a functioning prototype.
The ship, yellow like the cornflowers of her lost youth, shined in the sun, waiting. She stepped inside and readied herself and the ship for launch. Every twists of a handle and press of button done with precision.
She knew exactly when to go, the date beamed in her minds’ eye before her.
It was when everything had changed and when she had to change everything.
It was the date when she had died.

Her gown draped across her body into eternal fields of grass and wildflower. It stretched beyond the horizon to every hill.
Intertwined was the roots of her throne. It had been grown out of the tree of time, whose roots spread far and wide into every forest.
Illuminating it all was her fiery hair. It had sparked from the first of flames.
Far and wide she could see and everywhere she was. The center of life, the source of it all.
Yet she could never leave, never see the endless fields nor the deep forest.
She would always be alone.

Most would argue carrying a cart with wheels made no sense. Most would argue it to be easier to push it along on its wheels. But most were not the fox.
No, the fox rather enjoyed the weight of the cart on its back, the soft jingle of the light chain and the creak of the wood. Enjoyed how the extra weight made its paws sink deeper into the grass.
The fox had earned that weight, why let the wheels have all the fun?
Every kilo the fox had deliberately added over time. Everything was accounted for.
Every single body.

I had a lot of fun writing only 100 word long stories. The shortest story I’ve previously written and posted on this blog was 300, so it was a delightful challenge to convey a story so briefly.
I look forward to the next Dixit writing challenge : D

Disclaimer: All Dixit pictures by Bjørg Motzfeldt.

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