Flash fiction: Misunderstood

A cat on the terrace of a roadside restaurant near the ferry point of Valletta. Photo: Anita Simonsen
It’s time for another flash fiction : D
The above picture was shot just by the shore of Valletta, where the ferry comes in. The cat was sitting under the table of a roadside restaurant, watching the people walking to and from Valletta.
Today’s story is about this cat.


There’s a path, which leads from the ferries to the cultural centre of Valletta.
Many people walk through here, some commuting to work, but most are tourists.
The cat knows this.
He sits in the shade of a restaurant table, watching hungrily.
It’s a steep road, some struggles. Those are his favourites.
“Is that a belt bag or are you just that lumpy!?” a voice shouts.
People’s heads turn, wrinkles of confusion, gasps of outrageous and sneers of assault.
The cat soaks it all in, unable to avoid emitting a slight rumbling purr.

A new ferry, a new group.
New victims.
“Your dick must be as tiny as your camera lens is huge!” the voice continues in delight.
Similar reactions ripples through the crowd, but this time the target was too obvious to remain anonymous. He had to react, to save face. Purr.
“Who said that? Who was it?!” the man puffs himself up like a rooster.
The tension thick, the silence roaring. No answer.
The crowd starts to move, and the spouse of the man drags him on.

Delighted, the cat starts to clean its paws and face. Basking in the sun.
“You’re not a very nice cat are you?” a foreign voice asks seemingly out of nowhere.
The cat jumps, its tail a bottle brush. Hiss.
“Shh, easy now”, a man comes into view, hands open in peace.
The cat didn’t calm down, but being under a chair helps.
“Why do you insult people?” the man asks, freckles dotting his skin.
The cat didn’t know what to say. Nobody had ever asked before. Cared.
A silence grows between them. Fur no longer on end.
Finally the cat speaks, somewhat hesitant at first.
“Because …I’m lonely”.

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