Dixit writing challenge #1

A Danish writer recently created a weekly or biweekly writing challenge based on drawing illustrated cards from the game Dixit.
I thought it was a pretty neat idea, so I decided to try it out as I always enjoy challenging myself and my writing.
You can read the original post here on her blog, though do note it’s in Danish.

This challenge is based on these cards:

(Image credit: Bjørg P. S. Motzfeldt)

You’re free to write several stories, where you combine the pictures as you see fit or even attempt to write one big story, which uses all of the pictures.
For extra challenge, I’ve attempted the latter and you can read the result below.
Enjoy : D

I only feel truly free, when I’m asleep. So I sleep as often as I can.
It’s hard to compare, but I think I dream different than most.
People say their dreams are unclear, incoherent and sometimes even nonsense.
I don’t understand this, my dreams are the clear ones, they make sense.
It’s like I was born on the wrong side of the mirror.

Every night it’s different.
I close my eyes and I live a different life.

My pen channels my visions into words.
They bloom on the pages, creating and destroying worlds in the same sentence.
I’m a builder, a destroyer. Power rests with the pen, with me.
I dictate the fate of thousands, but not alone.
Time can go on forever, but I cannot.
She’s on my side, watching over my shoulder. She knows when it’s time, she can feel it in her fingertips. Always there is ticking, it is when it stop I worry.
Or really I don’t. Because when the ticking stops, so do I.
But she’s there, quick as a hawk. I’ve never witnessed it, but I can imagine.
I’ve never dared to reach up and feel, but I know it’s there.
She winds up the key, which sprouts from my skull like a weed.
And I am alive again.
Pen dances, deciding life, deciding death.

The grass golden and burned by the merciless summer sun.
I’m on the hunt. Or I am hunted. I hope for the first.
For everybody’s sake, I hope.
I’ve stalked the creature since dawn. I’m no tracker, but I don’t need to be, the paw tracks are so huge that I can fall and hurt myself if I fail to see them.
Yet the tracking isn’t easy, because I desperately don’t want the trail to end, but I desperately need it to.
It was almost midday. Dry dirt stuck to my sweat, my eyes stung and my skin sizzled.
The tracks had stopped on an empty meadow. I was not known to be emotional, but the tears wouldn’t stop.
I had failed everybody. Without the creature … I
Tear drops were creating stars on the dirt canvas that was my skin, when a deep voice sounded from behind:
“Cry not child for I am here. I will slay the monster, which haunts your village”.
It was the creature, it’s rumbling voice soothing as a mother’s song.
“I will kill you”.

The grass is always greener on the other side is a stupid saying.
I propose an alternative: When you’re in the rain, the sun is always shining on the other side.
Some people simply attract a different kind of weather. Most have an equal amount of attraction, but often the company of others evens out and causes people to experience a varied weather.
I know no variation.
My sister and I are twins. In personality we are alike, appearance too, but our lot in life is considerably different. Almost painfully so.
We are doomed to always be apart. We can stand next to one another, but never touch.
Because we are, what people call extremely attractive.
Sure we’re pretty to look at, but that’s besides the point.
Where she is always in the sun, I am always in the rain.
A touch would mean a natural disaster.
So we walk, side by side, separated through life.
Until the pain grew too much and we ended it in a hug.

I’ve a dream journal, but do not call it that.
To me it is a diary. A record of life and death.
I live a thousand times, yet do not live at all.

I hope you enjoyed the story, I surely had fun writing it!
If possible I would like to do more Dixit story challenges in the future.

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