Duck Village – A feathery oasis amidst concrete

An aspect I love about traveling is discovering hidden gems in unexpected places. Today I found such a gem and it is Duck Village.

The name conveys the place very literally.
On the banks of Manoel island, facing the concrete jungle that is Tas-Sliema’s shoreline, lies a gathering of tiny houses. They’re all brightly coloured and most peculiarly decorated with depictions of birds. They’re the homes of all sorts of birds, not just ducks.
If looked upon from the opposing shore you won’t think much of it, in fact you’ll most likely overlook it despite it’s quirky appearance.
I know I did.

If you take a left, just after the bridge leading to Manoel island, you’ll see the roof tops by the banks.  Then you might hear faint crowing and as you come closer you’ll probably catch sight of the sign saying ‘Duck Village’ and you’ll start to understand.

Looking over the palm leaf padded fence, is a hubbub of ducks and hens.
They all look to you, curiously, probably awaiting food. Puzzled you move along, catching sight of donation boxes and even a town hall. This is indeed a Duck village.
But it isn’t just an oasis for birds, not if you look close enough you’ll see hamsters and rabbits too.

But what amused me the most, besides the sheer amazing fact that this place exists, is that among all the birds (even tiny chickens) you can find cats.
Yes, you read correctly, cats. But fear not, they’re not eating anybody, quite the contrary. No, they just laze about, as cats do best, looking upon the hens and pigeons do their thing.

If you walk almost to the end of Duck village you’ll see an old boat inside the enclosure. A sign is nailed to the stern of the boat and it reads: “All the Animals in Harmony” and I think that just really captures the essence of this place.
All the Animals in Harmony
It could be interesting to meet the owner(s), who would they be? What kind of person? In any case, they must be quite the character.

So if you ever find yourself in Tas-Sliema, or really just Malta, consider dropping by Duck village.

The town hall of Duck VillageThe Town hall of Duck Village.

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