Short story: The girl who wanted to fly – Chapter 3 [Final]

And here it is, the last chapter of my short story The girl who wanted to fly from my short story collection The effect of gravity.
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it so far and if you’re new to the story you can find the first chapter here.
This story was written during Nanowrimo 2015.
This post only contains an excerpt, but you can read the rest on Wattpad. The link is below.
Last time Aira’s quest ended in a dark alley, continue reading below to find out if she’ll be okay and whether she’ll continue onwards to obtain flight!

“Are you sure she’ll be okay?” a voice asked above her. It seemed familiar, Aira’s muscles relaxed immediately when she heard it. She tried to open her eyes, but her eyelids were too heavy.
“A few days rest and she should return to normal”, a dusty and foreign voice answered. Somebody got up and moved around her, this was when she felt the presence of at least three other people. With a last straining attempt Aira forced her eyes up.

Keep an eye out for the next short story as it’ll be posted 2 weeks from now.
It’ll also be from my short story collection The effect of gravity, but this time it’ll be set 800 years before The girl who wanted to fly  takes place.

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