The cats of the university of Malta – A slice of Hogwarts

Cats needs to stay educated too, right?

All about the campus of the university of Malta you can find cats in nooks and crannies if you look carefully. But also often if you don’t, because they walk all over the place as if they own it. They are cats after all.
And as a cat person, I absolutely love it!

If my boyfriend and I take a particular bus, we need to walk a bit more than usual. However this means we’ve to walk straight through campus, which in turns means we get to play the game of spotting as many cats as possible!
This morning we saw 8, but it was early, usually there’s way more.

Feline study buddy – All you need is love & food

(Dancing Flich courtesy of Warner brothers)
What’s even more delightful than having a bunch of relatively tame and friendly cats walking about (lifting the spirit of distressed students as if thisΒ  was Hogwarts) is how nicely everybody treats the cats.
People will leave dry cat food around in selected spots favoured by the cats and put out bowls of water to keep the kitties from dehydrating in the, at times harsh, sun.
They even allow the cats to walk the hallways! There’s conveniently placed water bowls throughout the buildings.

Kitty going to the cafeteria to enjoy lunch with the students.

Because of what appears to be eternal summer most students favour eating outdoor. The cats will then go about the students, if welcomed, and of course beg for food (they are cats). Often they’ll lie down next to friendly people and keep them company through their meal, or if the student happen to be reading outdoor.
If you’re kind enough, a cat might crawl into your lap and be content with taking in the never-ending activity on campus as the sun lazily warm you both.

Imminent crazy cat lady

If you’re not a cat person, you can of course avoid contact all together, but I take great joy in being surrounded by felines. It’s probably good I’m not a student here, because otherwise I would certainly adopt the habit of always carrying around dried cat food. I would become the crazed cat student (not lady), who always has a trail of cats following her about campus.
And I would be delighted!

Hoped you enjoyed this little slice of campus life at the university of Malta.
I’m not a student of the university, I just happen to frequent it.

If you go to school..

is there something magical about your school?

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2 thoughts on “The cats of the university of Malta – A slice of Hogwarts

  1. Love it πŸ˜€ seems really cosy and love that people treat the cats well!
    My school isn’t very magical but we do have a small canal which looks lovely year round πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, it’s really nice to see that people are so friendly to the cats. Otherwise it would be rather heart breaking :C
      That sounds really nice. Water is rather cozy and you get to see how the seasons affects it, like maybe it’ll partially freeze over during the winter : D

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