Short story: The girl who wanted to fly – Chapter 1

Finally I can post the first short story from my short story collection The effect of gravity.
This particular story was written during Nanowrimo 2015 and it was actually the last story I ended up writing that month, despite being the first I’m sharing. I hope you’ll enjoy it!
This post only contains an excerpt, but you can read the rest on Wattpad. The link is below.
I’ll post the next chapter of this short story two weeks from now.
So keep an eye out for chapter 2!

Aira had always been fascinated by the sky. When she was a child she would spend hours cloud watching and when the weather turned bad and the wind picked up she would cheer. Her fascination grew alongside her. As the years passed Aira became focused on one particular aspect of the sky, gravity. She would drop pebbles from the window, climb a ladder and jump down, all in the name of science. Looking back, Aira could pinpoint some milestones of her early childhood quite easily: when she was finally able to read a book without pictures and when she finally gained access to the library. She had spent countless days there, to the point where her parents started forcing her to go outside. But Aira found a way back to her books, to her notebooks and to her study. Because she needed to know more. Her fascination stayed with her, became a lifelong companion. Some people might have imaginary friends growing up, Aira had her lust for knowledge.

If you want to read more, you can find an index of my written work here.
You can find the 2nd chapter of ‘A girl who wanted to fly’ here.

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4 thoughts on “Short story: The girl who wanted to fly – Chapter 1

  1. I will say I am sufficiently intrigued by this tidbit here that I want to keep reading! I’m always a sucker for a unique premise, so good job on that front! Keep writing! Your imagination should be shared.

  2. Interesting start. I’m generally a man who reads more swords and sorcery-type stories so it’s not my area of expertise, but this is very nicely written and it makes you curious as to what happens next. Good stuff.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts James, it means a lot! C:
      I’m glad you enjoyed the chapter! Did you read the entire story?

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