The effect of gravity – 5 months of short stories!

Over the next 5 months (February till June) I’ll be posting 4 short stories from my short story collection The effect of gravity.
All were written during Nanowrimo 2015 and have since then been edited and polished – ready for your enjoyment! : D

The short story collection is set in the same universe, but the stories spans over several hundred years in order to explore how the apocalypse has affected people throughout the passing of time.
Therefore, at the beginning of each short story, there’ll be a year written to help you pinpoint when the following story is taking place.

I won’t tell you much about the universe, as I hope to allow you to figure it out on your own as you read the stories, but I can say as much as it has something to do with gravity.

I won’t be posting entire chapters to this blog, but instead excerpts and a link directing to Wattpad, where the full chapters (and eventually stories) will be published.

The short story collection is still a work in progress, meaning I’m not done writing stories for it yet. Because of this I’ll take your feedback into consideration when deciding what elements to explore in the future.
So you have the opportunity to let me know if there’s something you want to know and I might make it happen! C:

Below is the posting schedule for the upcoming short stories:
The girl who wanted to fly
Chap. 1 – 15/2, chap. 2 – 29/2 & chap. 3 – 14/3

– The kite below the mountain
All – 28/3

– The price of running
Chap. 1 – 11/4, chap. 2 – 25/4, chap. 3 – 9/5, chap. 4 – 23/5 & chap. 5 – 6/6

– Title pending
All – 20/6

Dates and frequency might change.

The chapter of the first story will be posted tomorrow, hope you’re as excited as I am! : D

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